Name: Mortal [LIFETIME]
Price: 20.00 USD

NOTE: Upon purchasing this item you will receive a voucher for the Mortal rank. You can choose to either apply this voucher and permanently unlock the Mortal rank or trade it to other players.


  • Access to ALL warps
  • Access to use ALL /genbuckets
  • Access to [brag]
  • Access to [item]
  • Ability to use Engrams
  • Ability to spawn Conquests
  • Ability to visit the End Dimension
  • Ability to deposit and withdraw Banknotes
  • Ability to mine and place ALL spawners
  • 3 Homes
  • 3 PlayerVaults
  • 3 AuctionHouse listings
  • 7 Enchantment limit
  • /kit Mortal (24hr Cooldown)